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What is the meaning of life?

Wow, shall we jump right in? From what I have learned and read and heard and felt and thought, it comes to me that we are here to learn. About ourselves, about others, about the world and everything in it, on it, and about it. Each of us has the gift of time as long as we are alive. How we spend that gift is entirely up to each of us, in that we are responsible for our thoughts, words, and deeds. It is this sense of responsibility that is the teacher within us. What we do with our lives reflects what values we hold, what is important to us.

This is where change can come into our lives, once we face the consequences of our behaviors. At each and every moment in this life there exists the possibility of change. Each of us is free to choose as we wish. I encourage people to look up, to focus on the good in life, to generate authentic love for themselves and then for others. Life has the meaning you give it.

How do I know the truth?

What I have come to trust is my physical reaction to what I hear people say, somewhat like a polygraph machine. When I hear something that doesn't sound right, like maybe something is missing or unsaid, I will ask the speaker if there is more to be said. The usual reaction is for the speaker to indeed say more and complete what felt missing to me.

Trust your guts. Learn to use your body to help you discern the truth from the fiction. Anyone can do it. And the more you do it, the better you get at perceiving what is really going on around you. Knowing the truth is comforting.

Hurt and anger

When we are hurt and angered, we all feel the rise of emotion inside ourselves, and if this energy is released, terrible events can occur. Hurt and anger are linked, and both of these emotions are powerful and can change the course of our life, for better or for worse.

Most people learn to stuff their hurt, and over time all of this repression of feeling leads to depression.

Without treatment, depression can worsten and lead to physical suffering.

Anger, if left untreated, turns into Passive-Agressive behavior, and can result in violence.

Most people learn to stuff their anger, and this can result in quixotic, irrational and compulsive behavior.

Displacement can free us from this vicious cycle, giving us opportunities to vent, safely and securely, with causing harm to ourselves or others. The more one allows ones repressed feeling to surface and be displaced, the better one feels.