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About Heikkie


For the past 40 years I have worked with thousands of people worldwide to help them live happier, more productive lives. Please see my www.Facebook.com  pages. 

Change is hard work, and life is daunting. I understand how life can be-- being different has been part of my life path since birth. Through my life, I have learned that the discovery of the authentic self requires challenge and exposure to choice.

It is about you and what can be done to help you live a better life, one that reflects the healthy, loving you and not all of the rest that keep you from being real. And happy. And at peace. 

My educational focus began in Child Psychology, using knowledge in combination with direct contact with children, and evolved in time toward the study of the work of Carl Jung and later Jungian Psychology, with a focus on integration and expression. This methodology involves the use of analytic and perceptive faculties as well as an intense focus on core integral values and sense of self. Using a variety of methodologies and tools, my work serves as a context for the discovery and affirmation of authenticity. The struggles and difficulties that we face in life are challenges to work through. To change through this work is to discover ones true self.

Personally, I have recovered myself from food, power, drug and alcohol abuse, from sexual confusion and sacrifice, from parents that were both deeply troubled individuals with more than a half dozen marriages they shared and relatives that reflected every attitude one can imagine. I understand the struggle to get through the hurt, shame, hate, self-destruction and love and emerge whole, authentic as self, and be fully alive.

Fighting change, trying to hold on to the illusion of control, is painful and ultimately, futile. Better to learn to change and to grow and to become the best you that you can be in this life.

I am here to help. May I help you?