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Corporate Services

Corporation and Organization clients have used Heikkie's expertise for more than forty years, in a wide variety of disciplines, such as Organizational Structure and Management, Sales and Marketing, Succession Planning, Media Presence and Message, Strategic Growth and Planning,  Teaching, Team Building, Professional Development, Platform, Coaching, Change Management, Downsizing, and Staff Development.




Past Clients include:

Litton Industries                                                                              

Pacific Gas and Electric                                                                

Pullman Corporation                                                                    

Teledyne Corporation                                                                            

Boeing Corporation                                                                               

General Motors                                                                                        



Times Mirror                                                                                            


Pinnacle Systems

Los Angeles Unified School District, Project S.E.E.D.


United States Postal Service

Trident Pacific

Lockheed Corporation                                                                                  



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