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Newsletter > The Law of Attraction as an expression.
The Law of Attraction as an expression.

Have you ever noticed how time seems to speed up as you have gotten older? Physics has the answer.

Have you ever noticed that you cannot get away from certain types of people? Physics has the answer.

It's called 'the law of attraction' based on the premise that like attracts like and that we are not random atoms loose in a random world but actually energised such that we draw towards us that which we seek/need.
This is all good and well until one considers that life will produce its own trash pile of unwanted and unpleasant experience and energy. Stuff happens, right? This is where the material world comes into stage center.

Have you ever gone food shopping when you were hungry? Did you ever figure out what to do with the stuff you bought? This is a small example of what energy can do to us, how it can effect us.

What's needed is a way to handle excess and/or negative energy.

To this end, I am delighted to announce that a space has been created where one can displace negative energy, safely and with support. Appointments are now being accepted and scheduled. Please come give yourself the pleasure displacement provides.

Live the life you want and not the life they would give you, be true to you. Your life depends on it.