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Spring 2010

Tonight is the first Full Moon of Spring.

Tonight is a powerful time to make clear your intentions for the coming days, as the world around us explodes and is ripped asunder. As change swirls around us, it is of supreme importance to remember why we are here, what our lives reveal.

I think of a newborn child like a blank piece of paper, without blemish or mark.

Then life writes and scribbles and doodles all over that child.

Sometimes the total effect is wonderful and beautiful, radiant and filled with love and joy.

Sometimes the total effect is much less.

Most times it is a mixture of good and bad, and this is most of us. Swimming in a sea of confusion, uncertainty, and doubt. That's when the rudder of self esteem takes over, and our destination is certain, good or bad or both.

It is never too late to change, to change direction.

Each step toward low self esteem is a step downward into our lesser self, and more unhappiness and disappointment and frustration and on and on, down.

Tonight will be a great opportunity to change the things in your life that bother you, that trouble you, that keep you up at night or wake you up from sleep. The energy of Spring is manifesting world wide, regardless of where in the world you are. Make use of it and clarify your intentions going forward, starting tomorrow.

For a more loving tomorrow, and each day thereafter leading to a life lived in love and joy and peace.

Happy Full Moon!