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Intention Going Forward

We call this season Spring.

Starting out on a good foot is important. That is part of the message of Spring. The name itself evokes imagery of energy, of excitement. Wound up and ready to go. Flexible. Such a well named month. 



Think of your day as a progression of some thing. Like colors and hues. Like musical notes.


Intention is at the base of every word, act or thought. What you intend for others you allow for yourself. This is what some call "karma". Each and every day, we are given another opportunity to make of life what we feel inside. Sorting through oneself to discover the reasonance of Spring, that's the focus now. 


Here is Spring. The days are getting longer, the air is warmer, plants are in bloom all around. Many species give birth now, now that the long, cold nights of Winter are abating and fading. The sun rises earlier, and the temperature, the climate, is rising as well. Bask in its warmth. 


Make the most of you this Spring.