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Have you ever wondered if maybe reincarnation is real?

What if we do live, time and time again, through time, and that each of us has been alive before, in an earlier age?

When I was a child, there was a old woman who lived in a house near ours, not so close that we could see her house from our house, but through the trees, a short walk away. From time to time she looked after me, and was quite an interesting soul. She taught me some about the magic that lives in the world, unseen by those who do not want to see it, and how if I would take the time to learn about the world that I would grow up to live a life of magic.

She asked me once if there had been instances when I would experience something and would suddenly have a memory of doing it before, what she called a de-ja vu, a 'seeing before'. I told her that I had and she told me that this was the 'all that is' trying to teach me a little part of the magic - all time is now and simultaneous and we can see from time to time, in time.

What she said kinda made sense, and didn't , and she asked me to hold a stone. I took it into my hand, and images of waves lapping at a sandy shore covered with palm trees sprang into my mind, and people in the distance were in this image, dark skinned people with black hair, compared to the whiteness of my own. She had me describe what I had seen, and explained most of what I had seen as I had never seen sand or waves or palm trees or Hawaiians.

Four years later, my Father stunned me by taking me to Hawai'i. Being just a teenager at the time, I was awestruck by what I had seen in my de-ja vu and what I was seeing then. It felt as if  time had jumped forward a couple of hundred years from the time of these memories. Somehow, I knew about the history of the Islands, and felt completely at home, everywhere I went while there. Then I started to have dreams about the last Royal Family and saw images that at first surprised me, as the hands I looked at were not mine. They belonged to a woman, perhaps about 40 years old or so. These hands were doing needlework, making a quilt of some kind. After having these dreams for 10 years, I went back to Hawai'i, and took a tour of the Iolani Palace (www.IolaniPalace.org) and saw with my own eyes, in glass cases, the quilts I had seen being made in my dream.