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All of our lives we are surrounded by numbers, our birth date and time, our addresses, our identification numbers, credit card numbers, if you look around, they are all around you. As I kid, to practice addition, I used to add up number sequences from time to time, just for practice. After a while, I got pretty good at it, and began to wonder if there was more to it, this life we live, and that maybe numbers played a part in revealing the order of the Universe. Here's what I found:


Take the numbers that make up your birthday, let's say June 15, 1950. June is the sixth month, so 6 + 1 =7 +5 =12=3 + 1 = 4 + 9 =13=4 + 5 = 9.


Every number has meaning. There are so many books available about Numerology, and most of them say the same thing. Learning, as I have, what my number is, and attributes of it, has been exceedingly useful for me. Anytime something adds up to my number, I am more inclined to choose it over another with a different number. A friend and client, who is a 5, has been using this methodology for years, and has repeatedly marveled at how many times his number comes up, as it were.  Each and every time he has a choice, he chooses the one that is a 5, and has never been uphappy with his choice.

1= new, fresh, singular.

2= balance, stable, duality.

3= family, possibility, interaction.

4= more, ground, relaxation.

5= progress, challenge, decision.

6= artful balance, meditation, thoughtfulness.

7= magic, excitement, innovation.

8= time, reflection, wisdom.

9= success, finality, clarity.

Some may call this magical thinking. And so what if it is? Most of us are trying to find order in the chaos that swirls and spins, ceaselessly around us. To have some small part that is just yours and yours alone, to have just a small thread of connection when all seems hopeless and lost, a sense of containment, of being held safely, peacefully, how wrong is that?


So, give it a try. See what your number is, and then give it a whirl, and see what comes of it. Maybe just a little bit of magic is OK.